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 ====== The AKSW Colloquium ====== ====== The AKSW Colloquium ======
-Regular timeslot: ​Mondays ​at 15:00\\ +Regular timeslot: ​Fridays in odd weeks ("A woche"​) ​at 10:40\\ 
-Room: usually ​P701 on the 7th floor of the [[http://​​wiki/​Paulinum_(University_of_Leipzig)|Paulinum]].\\+Room: usually ​P801 on the 8th floor of the [[http://​​wiki/​Paulinum_(University_of_Leipzig)|Paulinum]].\\
 All colloquium topics will be announced on our [[http://​​category/​announcements/​events/​colloquium|blog]]. All colloquium topics will be announced on our [[http://​​category/​announcements/​events/​colloquium|blog]].
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