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The AKSW Colloquium

Regular timeslot: Fridays in odd weeks (“A woche”) at 10:40
Room: usually P801 on the 8th floor of the Paulinum.
All colloquium topics will be announced on our blog.

In our weekly AKSW Colloquium, we present research, technologies and tools of the Semantic Web. The colloquium is open to the public and we welcome interested students, colleagues and industry partners to experience bleeding edge work-in-progress presentations and discussion rounds as well as talks by invited experts of our AKSW lecture series. Bachelor and Master students will be able to get points for attendance.

If you have questions regarding the AKSW Colloquium, please contact Mohamed Sherif and Ricardo Usbeck

List of Presenters

Talk types

  • Accepted paper presentation rehearsal
  • Paper presentation of relevant paper from highly rated conferences (Google H-index > 20 or CORE ranking >= A).
  • PhD topic (either inaugural, yearly progress report, or defense practice)
  • Overview lectures by PhD students covering related work in a certain area (not only a single paper)
  • Major tool releases
  • Master and bachelor thesis topics (short announcement 5-10 minutes)
  • Internship results
  • Invited talks from national and international experts

Guidelines for PhD Students

  • You should have a presentation at least twice a year
  • Your presentation should last 20-25 mins depending on your topic
    • If there are two talks make sure they sum up to 60 mins maximum
  • The presentation is meant to be scientific, i.e., it should show clear scientific content and give detailed descriptions of novel algorithms, methods or data structures
  • You should provide an AKSW blog entry about your presentation
  • If you are absent you should notify your supervisor at least 7 days before
  • The attendance is obligatory for all ~PhD students, unless you excuse yourself to your supervisor

Beverage & Snacks Responsible Person

  • Most important: make 2 tankards of coffee and 1 tankard of hot water in the 6th floor's kitchen
    • If you are unsure about it ask Simone how to make coffee
  • Buy enough snacks of your choice for 20 persons, and 1 carton of milk
    • Reimbursements can be handed in to the secretary
  • Do not forget to bring cups, plates and spoons from the 6th floor's kitchen
  • Clean up the room and put all the dishes in the dish washer in the 6th floor afterwards
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