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 ===== Getting started ===== ===== Getting started =====
-Have an LDAP entry created for you so you can read the internal Wiki (Email ​[[​JoergUnbehauen.html| Jörg Unbehauen]] ​ or [[​PhilippFrischmuth.html|Philipp Frischmuth]]) +Have an LDAP entry created for you so you can read the internal Wiki (Email ​ 
-Continue ​on [[private:​organizational:​phds:​new-phds|New PhD Students]]+<​>​ and put your supervisor in CarbonCopy) 
 +  * Please provide the following informationgivenname, surname, university mail address (if possible), a picture of you (100px x 125px) 
 +  * which company/university/research group you are working at 
 +  * what type of contract SHK/​WHK/​PhD/​WMA 
 +  * who is your supervisor 
 +  * Optional: address, room, phone number 
 +  * We will then create an LDAP account for you and add you to the ''​aksw-core'' ​ group, which will give you access to the SVN. 
 +  * We will write you an email with you initial password. Please change the password as soon as possible either yourself at [[|]] or by visiting one of the LDAP admins. 
 +For new PhD Students, continue ​on [[:private:​organizational:​phds:​new-phds|New PhD Students]] 
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